The Greatest Love of All

Hey there #12er and #fitfluential friends.

Growing up as the fat kid then the fat teenager then the fat young adult was really, really rough.

I was made fun of A LOT. Kids would make the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! noise when I walked past and it hurt me so much. Kids are cruel and if you have an overweight child, please remember to tell them every day something great about themselves.

I’d go home after being made fun of and listen to Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.”

I hoped, believed, wished, that if I just sand that song loud enough, hard enough, strong enough, with enough feeling that maybe self love would come to me.

It didn’t.

But it made me feel comforted in that moment when I was too sad or depressed or embarrassed to tell my mother about what was going on with me at school.

I still, to this day, struggle with truly feeling as though I love and value myself.

“Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

That’s why my #12er challenge has been to look at myself in the eye every day for one minute and tell myself that I love me.

I don’t feel it’s really effective.

I’m going to continue telling myself that I love me, but I’m going to add some things I love about me.

What are some things I’m awesome at, What are some qualities I value in other people that I possess myself?

My goal is to find the greatest love of all in me.

RIP Whitney Houston.

Thank you for your voice, your songs, your beauty.

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