I’m Still Here

Sorry I’ve been away. I’m at my grandparents house with no wireless internet access and a grandfather who keeps asking me if I’m done on the computer yet (designing his site.)

I have a massive headache, I feel tired and uncoordinated. I don’t think I’m getting enough calories – I’ll adjust my green smoothies to accommodate.

I’ve completed 707 #patriotpushups. I’m way behind some others, but I’ll make them up. I now have to do 226 per day vs. the 219 I initially was going to do.

I’m still only drinking green smoothies and water.

I did have a piece of sugar-free gum today. It was like Christmas. I don’t think that’s cheating, right? I mean, I didn’t swallow the gum. If you think it’s cheating then… well… whatever. I don’t.

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I haven’t abandoned you. I’ll be back with posts on an upcoming television show about fat people and my thoughts on the childhood obesity drama in Georgia.

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