January Challenge Results

Hello gorgeous, like my content? You may want to join my free newsletter. Thanks so much for visiting!Hi there, #patriotpushups #12er #fitblog #fitfluential friends. January was an interesting month for me. I started out super strong. I hit the gym almost daily and on days I didn’t get to the gym I worked out at …

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I’m Still Here

Sorry I’ve been away. I’m at my grandparents house with no wireless internet access and a grandfather who keeps asking me if I’m done on the computer yet (designing his site.) I have a massive headache, I feel tired and uncoordinated. I don’t think I’m getting enough calories – I’ll adjust my green smoothies to …

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Mental Toughness

how to lose weight when you're obese

#fitblog #12in12 #fitfluential & #patriotpushup friends, lend me your ears… er… eyes. For the past 4 days, my diet has been all green smoothies all the time (savory smoothies have been lightly warmed and eaten like soup) and lots — I mean a whole lot — of water. I’ve had my strength tested from day …

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Can I Do 6,347 Push-Ups in 29 Days?

Military Push Up Challenge

Hello again #fitblog, #fitfluential, #12in12 friends! I’ve just had something awesome thrown my way. My relationship with my boyfriend, 24 Hour Fitness, comes to an end in February (break up just in time for Valentines day) and I need to figure out if I like the direction our relationship is going in and renew my …

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29 More Days or I Think I Can

#fitblog #12in12 #fitfluential friends, what’s up? Today was really, really rough. First, my mother wanted me to take her to get a burger at a place whose social media campaign I’m running and they also just happen to have the most amazing turkey burger ever! No, seriously, it’s the most amazing in the short history …

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Butternut Squash and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Hey there #12in12, #fitblog, and #fitfluential friends. I’ve had this butternut squash just hanging out on my counter for longer than I care to admit. Last night before heading off to bed, I kept thinking I wonder if I can make a butternut squash smoothie for this challenge. So I took to Google — because …

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My First Savory Green Smoothie Attempt

Hi #fitblog, #12in12 and #fitfluential friends who have come over from twitter. If you didn’t come from twitter and you just randomly typed in a search query into your preferred search engine then again, I thank you for being here. So I’m doing Fitarella’s 12-in-12 Challenge and I’ve chosen to challenge myself to a 31-day …

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Oprah’s Weight Loss Episodes Airing on OWN

Hey #fitblog and #fitfluential friends. Tomorrow in recognition the most popular New Year’s Resolution, Oprah is going to air a marathon of her most popular weight loss episodes over the years on the OWN network. So if you’re into that kind of thing be sure to check it out.

First Green Smoothie of 2012

Yes, it is very green. So, what’s in this green concoction? 2 cups Spinach A sheet of Nori 1 banana frozen pineapple & papaya (no sugar or preservatives) I really don’t have exact amounts of anything. I just throw it all in my blender and eye ball it. But this is what was in it. …

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First Workout of 2012

elliptical weight loss

Hi there #fitblog and #fitfluential friends! Today I worked out at my beloved 24 Hour Fitness (we’re in a serious, committed relationship.) I did an hour and 5 minutes on the elliptical using the interval program alternating between an incline of 10-13 and a resistance of between 3 – 7. I completed 4.20 miles and …

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