Countdown: My 7 Favorite Weight Loss & Fitness Bloggers

Hi there, #fitblog and #fitfluential friends.

I turn 30 in 7 days and as a result, I plan to do a blog post every day of the top 7 (6,5,4…. u get the idea) bloggers focused on health and fitness (not just weight loss)

It makes sense that I kick this blog post off with the person who inspired me to blog in the first place.

Tony Posnanski

before and after weight loss bloggersTony blogs at theantijared.com, he lost over 200 pounds in one year through the traditional combination of diet, hardwork, and exercise. He attended Weight Watchers meetings for the accountability.

I lurked on his site when he was hosted on blogspot and I’d comment periodically under the pseudonym “Geena.”

What I admire most about him is he would wake up every morning at 4AM to walk his dog, go to the gym, then go to work all day – for sometimes 12-14 hours a day – in a restaurant serving fatty foods and he never gave in to temptation! He’d never make excuses. He has the strongest will I’ve ever seen.

I have tremendous respect for him and all that he has been able to accomplish.

When I think back to the beginning of his blog, Tony didn’t think he was a a very good writer, but he did it anyway.

He will never know how much he has inspired me or how much love I have for him. It’s funny, right? To hold someone you’ve never met or spoken to in such high regards… but I do, I appreciate you, Tony Posnanski.

Alexandra & Kymberly

I completely adore Kymberly and Alexandra of funandfit.org.

Oh my, there are so many reasons to like these two. But it’s hard to resist their incredibly cute throwback pictures of themselves from childhood (they are so frickin CUTE!)

Kymberly and I have had some interaction but Alexandra really reached out to me and embraced me when I began this blog and encouraged my first video — though I’m still camera shy, she persists.

Though I’m sure in 2012 with one of my goals being to create a video series, she’ll have her way.

Alexandra and Kymberly make these really cool fitness tutorials where they show you everything including how to walk uphill in proper form.

I have plans to visit and take a class with them in 2012.

Roni Noone

Roni began blogging in 2005 as a way to hold herself accountable in her weight loss efforts. She blogs at RonisWeigh.com and also has an awesome community over at BlogtoLose.com.

Why I like Roni: Because like the others, Roni is very real, and raw and I think she’s brave. You have to be brave to put your flaws in front of the world, so I think part of this list is me finding people who have qualities I wish I possessed or I’m working towards possessing.


I had the pleasure of meeting Fitarella at Blogworld LA 2011. The first thing I noticed about her is her incredible smile. Her smile can light up a room!

I know it’s cliche, but it’s so true. She radiates positive goodness. She’s such a genuine person. Plus, she knows wtf she’s talking about. I think she’s amazing… I kinda have to since I felt comfortable enough to cry to her and email her my life’s story (Sorry about that, Jacq.)

Say hi to her @fitarella on twitter.

Erika Nicole Kendall

Erika Nicole Kendall, also known as the Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss once weighed over 300 pounds and today she’s living my dream of taking pole fitness. Yes, pole fitness is one of my ultimate goals.

Her blog is full of insightful thoughts on today’s current events re: weight loss, health, nutrition, and fitness. Like me, she’s not a fan of weight loss surgery but won’t condemn you if you’ve had it done. Find her on twitter.

Skinny Emmie

Skinny Emmie has boldly, publicly lost over 100 pounds on her journey. She began at 455 pounds and through diet and exercise, she is kicking so much ass even while she’s injured. She continues to press forward.

Also, she’s a phenomenal writer. Check her out at SkinnyEmmie.com

Runa Martinson

Runa aka Lose 4 Good (on twitter at @lose4good) and I became acquainted via a #fitblog chat on twitter a few months ago. We’re both comparatively new to this health and fitness blogging space (new in comparison to some of the others on the list) but we are boldly putting ourselves out there for the world to see.

Tune in tomorrow as I continue the countdown to my birthday with my 6 favorite Youtube fitness videos.

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