MS is Scary

MS is scary. Very scary day. I think scary is even an understatement for what I experienced today.

I took myself out to lunch in Culver City before I had to go to therapy. At my Sarah pissed office, we were talking like we normally do. Things we’re all good. And then suddenly, I could feel something really strange happened in my brain. Yes, I can literally not figuratively but literally feel when things shift in my brain.

I could feel myself talking differently. Mike Cadence comma the speed at which I speak was off. And it felt like words were getting trapped in the back of my throat and it in my brain. I felt when my boys hit my ears it sounded as though I was speaking like Marlee Matlin. I was very afraid. Like what was going on? I didn’t feel like myself in that moment.

After therapy, I hopped into an Uber and recorded myself to see if I sound like what I what I heard when it hit my ears. I don’t know, I haven’t listened to myself yet. My phone is dead and charging.

I’ve experienced a lot of things with multiple sclerosis. But this one was a first. Yesterday I experienced the inability to raise my left arm, today I felt a shift in my brain and a change in my speech. Multiple sclerosis sucks.

Thank you for reading.

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