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How strong is your mind?

For the past 4 days, my diet has been all green smoothies all the time (savory smoothies have been lightly warmed and eaten like soup) and lots — I mean a whole lot — of water.

I’ve had my strength tested from day one!

This is surely a month of challenges. Here’s the short list:

  • Mom forced me to take her to MY favorite place to get a turkey burger and proceeded to eat the burger and the fries in front of me.
  • My cousin asked me to take her to the store where I was met by my love, kettlecorn, but not just any kettle corn. This kettle corn was covered in chocolate (I’ve never had it like that before.)
  • The same cousin ate food that smelled incredible in my car (she gets a pass because she’s 9 months pregnant.)
  • Saturday we’re celebrating my mom’s 52nd birthday at a Chinese buffet style restaurant and I’ll sip water and tea.
  • In 2 weeks I’m going to Las Vegas and Vegas has all of my favorite restaurants (Firefly, Paymons, Lotus of Siam.) I go to the first two restaurants with my Vegan bestfriend who upon learning that I’m only having green smoothies and juices asked what the hell we’re supposed to do, as though eating is the only thing we do when we’re together.
  • My client is a healthier burger place and I’m putting together their website with a slideshow of lots of pictures of amazing foods.

This is all to say that this month isn’t short on obstacles to overcome — I suppose I can look at them in another way: I can see these challenges as opportunities to prove to myself how strong I am.

Well, I don’t feel very strong.

And while I’ve remained true to my goal of only subsisting on green smoothies, I’ve had to conjure up some serious mental toughness.

So what is this mental toughness?

Mental toughness is what you have when you want to just say “f*ck it all” but you keep going anyway.
Mental toughness is that thing in your mind that wills you to persevere.
Mental toughness helps you break though that wall you hit because you know that you haven’t quite done your best.

I feel that in these four days between the green smoothies and the Patriot Pushups (which have barely left enough strength to type this out) that I have absolutely learned some form of mental toughness.

After realizing that I hadn’t planned for my Vegas trip when I began the green smoothie challenge, I kept thinking of ways to modify it.

Here’s my thought process:

“Hmmm… maybe I can modify my 12-in-12 and instead of green smoothies, I’ll be vegan for the part of the month I’m in Vegas. LeAnne’s vegan, she’d love it!”

“What if I just don’t eat meat? Eating vegetables and fruit is the same as a green smoothie, right?”

“What type of idiot plans a green smoothie challenge with so much awesome stuff going on?!”

I’ll tell you what kind of idiot. The kind of idiot who won’t allow herself to talk her way out of the challenge she’s chosen for herself.

It’s been really, really difficult. Especially in the face of the aforementioned challenges add in being home all day surrounded by food and having to fix breakfast and lunch for my 6 year old niece (the kid’s gotta eat.)

I’ve made my bed and now I must lie in it and develop more of this mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the only thing I see helping me make it through the rest of these push-ups and mental toughness is the only way I see myself making it through to January 31st on a diet of only green smoothies.

I believe if I can remain strong throughout this entire month then I’ve accomplished something miraculous.

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