Can I Do 6,347 Push-Ups in 29 Days?

Hello again #fitblog, #fitfluential, #12in12 friends!

I’ve just had something awesome thrown my way.

My relationship with my boyfriend, 24 Hour Fitness, comes to an end in February (break up just in time for Valentines day) and I need to figure out if I like the direction our relationship is going in and renew my commitment OR explore other options.

Well, a grand opportunity came up today on twitter when my beloved @AlexandraFunFit of the awesome blog funandfit.org (I profiled her and her twin sister in my favorite health and fitness bloggers countdown) told me about this really cool opportunity to honor the Troops AND win a year long Anytime Fitness membership (perfect timing for breaking up with my current gym boyfriend.)

Military Push Up Challenge

Isn't her avi so cute?!

So, I read her Push-Ups for Patriots post and I cried!

I cried for two reasons:

1) Because I have so much love and respect for the men and women who serve our military.

My ex-boyfriend (real one, not 24 hour fitness) served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and was a guard at Guantanamo Bay. Though he and I are no longer together, I am so thankful that he returned home safe.

But what of the many others who did not? 6,347 men and women fought and died in these two wars. It’s heartbreaking.

2) Because 6,347 Push-Ups seems such a daunting task. Which at my present fitness level seems insurmountable even when I break it down to slightly around 219 push-ups per day.

But you know what?

I’m not one to back down from a challenge and this is a challenge I gladly accept.

I’ll gladly conquer this fear and endure a little pain for the men and women who voluntarily risk their lives.

So @AlexandraFunFit, I accept your challenge!

When my arms fall off, I hope you’ll find an insurance company or medical provider willing to provide prosthetic arms or maybe arms are overrated and I’ll develop a stronger core by working my lower body with my new Anytime Fitness membership.

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