Back down memory lane

I posted this on a friend’s Facebook back in 2014. I was just reminded of this photo and image today. I still feel this same disappointment in 2017. I still feel that Multiple Sclerosis treatment manufacturers give more of a damn about their bottom line than helping people overcome the disease. Here’s what I posted to my friends on March 13, 2013 about my Multiple Sclerosis frustrations, just 3 short months after I was diagnosed:

i feel like i gotta vent. So I spend much of my days and nights learning as much as I can about my disease. I was watching a neurologist conference online (super nerdy exciting) and they had this slide with a drug w/ many high favorables. I kept wondering why I hadn’t heard my doc mention this drug before. I googled and was pissed off by the answer. Short version: the patent for the drug expires in 2015 so the drug makers won’t request a 3rd round trial b/c they won’t have exclusive rights to it any longer and won’t make as much money on it. Unless someone like the dude who cured polio comes along, we’re probably SOL. Drug makers prove that they don’t give a damn about a cure. There’s no money in a cure. The money is in prolonging the disease w/ drugs. That is such a disheartening fact i don’t say much about this b/c i could rant on forever and i don’t wanna be an annoying killjoy

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