600 Pound Mom: Dominique Lanoise On Oprah’s OWN Today

600 Pound Mom

Dominique Lanoise, the woman who was dubbed the “600 pound mom” by TLC, will chronicle her efforts to lose 112 pounds in order to have weight loss surgery on Oprah’s drinking soda <-- the image of Dominique drinking soda is not safe for work or children.

When she reaches her goal weight of 488 pounds (she weighed 485 in this news story) is it possible that she can continue to exercise and eat the proper food to live in better health?

These are habits she will have to adopt after surgery anyway.

A weight loss blogger that I used to follow named Tony weighed 420 pounds at 5’7 at his highest weight and he lost weight over 200 pounds without pills, without surgery, and I completely admire him for that.

Obese people, you we can absolutely lose weight without resorting to obesity weight loss surgery or diet pills. It is possible.

No, people who’ve had weight loss surgery (if you’re reading this), I’m not knocking you. You did what you felt you had to do for you.

I’m saying, however, that there’s more at work here and 600 pound mom, Dominique won’t be helped by this surgery until she is really ready to change her life.

The counseling component of weight loss surgery will be absolutely necessary for this woman and her 6 daughters, who have been feeding and bathing her all these years.

This might be a rerun, but I’ve never seen the show and don’t plan to watch. The preview was enough for me. Her daughter said she’s never seen her mom walk! How can this be?!

I feel like TV Networks seek out people like Dominique. She’s a sideshow attraction to them to generate ratings.

For the people out there like Dominique, when you hit your absolute rock bottom know that there are other alternatives to surgery. It is not your only option.

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  1. marshell

    did she reach it what happened

  2. Mindsetiseverything

    I was 315, had gastric by pass surgery and got down to 200, went back up to 207 and then decided to get CalorieKing and a elliptical machine and weigh, measure and log in EVERY SINGLE BITE BEFORE I put it in my mouth. Drank only water and after each meal did the elliptical for 15 minutes. Now I weigh 120 at 5’3″ tall.

    You MUST stick with the program. Gastic bypass and the lap band are simply tools – NOT THE SOLUTION, but simply a gentle nudge to help one get the first hundred pounds off.

    Mindset is everything – it’s not a diet as in the program they kept referring to Dominique’s eating – rather it’s a whole new way of eating. No fried foods, no soda, no junk. Lots of veggies, lean protein, whole grains (my body doesn’t process sugars or carbs well).

    Water and exercise are a must.

    Dominique, I wish you well. But you have to decide if you want to eat “good stuff” and die young or learn to adapt to a whole new MINDSET AND EAT RIGHT.

    Exercise is the key to staying young (I’m 58) and as you age you require less food. Again, CalorieKing food manager-log in program is a real godsend. Weigh and measure EVERYTHING before you put it in your mouth.

    You are what you eat.

  3. Mindsetiseverything

    Also forgot to mention, fruit. If you want a snack – have a med size apple or small banana and pass up that cheese cake or apple crisp.

    No pastry, no cheese crackers.

    Mind set is everything.

    If one thinks of having a lap band or gastric by pass as the solution, you are going to fail. The above mentioned is simply a tool along with learning to weigh, measure and LOG IN EVERYTHING BEFORE you stick it anywhere near your mouth.

    Dominique didn’t seem serious enough and I really hope to hear what happened to her, I send her my very best wishes.

  4. Tee

    Thank you so very much for that. I 100% agree with you, Mindset is EVERYTHING. All change begins in the mind first. Once you decide you’re going to do something, and you REALLY mean it, you’ll move heaven and earth to reach your goal. I also wish her the very best of luck in her weight loss efforts.

  5. Megan and Jamie -Best friend Hiking girls!

    We just watched this episode on OWN literally MINUTES ago. Does ANYONE have any updates on her and her case? I noticed in the show that it was 2010 dates written on the board…did she get down to surgery? Any updates from additonal viewers out there??

  6. Awc

    Hello: i watched this documentary last week: i pray for the best with her and her daughters: but one part of this show i did not like which was aired: It looks like her daughter and a few other people were siiting on the front porch, the daughter (i think it was her daughter) was holding a baby, i guess the baby was crying, but the woman handled and hit the baby very roughly as this show aired, but that part went by quickly, you have to be paying attention to catch it. The girl had a red shirt on i think and the little boy was about one year old: Look at it the next time and tell me what you think.

  7. Rosetta Stephens

    I really would like to know if Domonique lost weight. We need an update as soon as possible. I really enjoyed the documentary and i believe she will pull through for surgery.

  8. Tee

    I would love to know the state of Dominique at this moment.

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